The Ghost Dog Diaries 1.0

The original blog that inspired my weekly column in Connect Savannah

The Dog

Lady “PJ” Cuddlesworth was born in New York City, where she caroused with her many canine colleagues, most notably, the late Paulie Bacon. Central Park was her Happy Place. It was there she first learned the fine art of drinking spring water from the bottle on hot summer days…


… and engaged in her mommy’s favorite lawn game: Bowling For PJ.


Her past times included getting her backside scratched…


and teaching absent-minded humans to mark their territory.


A well-behaved dog with a wry sense of humor, PJ would occasionally do something inordantly cheeky, like scratching up the Memory Foam mattress pad…

5372_110011733667_5335434_n… and blaming the cat.

4312_83584268667_6534461_nBeing Pure of Heart, PJ’s karma always caught up with her instantly… and most emphatically, when stealing the garbage.

35738_407357303667_5458915_nShortly after the infamous Halloween 2011 Blizzard, Mommy found herself getting creative to keep the animals warm, no thanks to the management company that waited four days to repair the building’s broken boiler.

392060_10150382579953668_1155954695_nSo she packed up the fuzzy family and moved to Savannah, Georgia in pursuit of warmer weather. It was here that PJ discovered her passions for loafing in the sunshine…

457917_10150626340618668_1355176164_o…hunting for GHOSTS…

460207_10150806476518668_82566263_o 416317_10150806477583668_1665463715_o 460329_10150806478578668_181796374_o … and escaping to exotic worlds via magical portals of Forsyth Park sidewalk art.


On September 8, 2012 PJ passed peacefully with her vet’s loving assistance. She was approximately 11-13 years old.


PJ was loved by everyone and made thousands of adoring fans in the course of her travels. She is sorely missed by her best friends Mommy, Daddy, Puss-Puss, Uncle James, Buddy and Al.


We are all better for having known her.


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