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PJ is my Yoda

Controlling the cat without ever making eye contact: it's an old Jedi Mindtrick.

An old Jedi Mind Trick: controlling the cat without ever making eye contact.

PJ wasn’t an old dog. She wasn’t a sick dog. One morning she just woke up in excruciating pain that couldn’t be explained or treated. In this way, her passing has confounded me.

Last night, I contacted a pet psychic and asked her for help understanding PJ’s passing. She said that it wasn’t necessarily PJ’s time to die, but because the little dog was so excited about my leading-edge mediumship work, she chose to pass sooner than she otherwise would have in order to become my non-physical helper. In making this transition, PJ has chosen to stay with me even longer than she would have if she had remained in physical canine form.

How cool is that?! I’m gonna celebrate this incredible news with a bumper sticker that says “PJ is my Yoda.”


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