The Ghost Dog Diaries 1.0

The original blog that inspired my weekly column in Connect Savannah

Okay, Little Ghost Dog. I See How This is Gonna Go Down…

“Hmm…Let’s see just how creative we can get spelling Mommy’s name.”

I miss you forever. You prove you’re still here by showing me my name misspelled, in perpetuity.

Not a bad little plan, you little rascal!

I’ve driven past this funky old Jaguar at least 10 times in the past few weeks — including the night of the infamous Midnight Bawl-A-Thon. Every time I’ve seen it, it’s grabbed my attention. I just figured it stood out because it was a cool old car. Tonight is the first time I actually noticed the license plate.

Abraham assures us that non-physical beings are constantly communicating with us through signs that are intended to grab our attention. But when we are sad, these messages are invisible to us. Once we are in vibrational alignment with our Happy Place, that’s when our messages from Source are received.

10-4, Little Ghost Dog. I read’ya loud and clear!


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