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Oh Yeah, Life Goes On…

On the morning of September 8th, I drove my little dog PJ to the vet and told her my favorite story of us one last time time before she was put to sleep. That afternoon when I threw a Canine Irish Wake in her honor at the Crystal Beer Parlor, my name mysteriously appeared in my beer. At the time, I had a good, inebriated laugh about it, even though there was no empirical evidence that she was the one who had left it there.

Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name…even the ghosts.

Last night I was inconsolable with grief. That’s when a still, small voice instructed me to go to The Old Sorrel-Weed House and make contact contact with PJ. For those of you who are unfamiliar, The Old Sorrel-Weed is the only haunted house in Savannah that opens its doors to the public for the purpose of conducting paranormal investigations. As part of the tour, infrared cameras are used to record electromagnetic images of non-physical energies as they travel through the home in the form of light orbs. As a former employee, I have spent many hours talking with visitors about the energies that may or may not be inhabiting the house, but it never occurred to me to utilize the technology to connect with my own loved ones who have passed…until last night.

I am excited to report that PJ made several appearances and that she was joined by the energies of two of my human friends who had recently passed. Out of respect for the privacy of their loved ones, only the footage that includes my little dog will be made available to the public. (I can only imagine what it would be like for someone who is grieving such a recent, raw loss to receive a barrage of emails saying, “I saw your loved one on youtube today.”)

What you are about to see is an excerpt from the session.  If you don’t have time to watch the whole thing,  you can fast forward to the 7 minute mark, where I ask PJ if she wrote my name in the beer. What happens next is pretty astounding.

To vet the authenticity of this video, I have forwarded the original footage to a professional paranormal investigator and will publish the result of his findings as soon as he sends them. For the best visibility, you can click the link to the original youtube page and watch the footage in full screen.

Thank you for watching this video with an open mind and an open heart. Sending love and light to all!


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