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There’s a WHAT in My Beer?!

Yesterday afternoon, I went over to the Crystal Beer Parlor to hold an Irish Wake for my sweet PJ. A couple of minutes after April set my Dark and Stormy on the bar, she looked over from the register and yelled, “Hey! Are you ever gonna do one of those psychic readings for us where you look in your drink and you read your fortune?”

Now, I have tried every form of divination known to man, but have only done tea leaf readings on two occasions. Accidentally. And with Grape Nuts. You see, it all started when PJ’s Favorite Uncle James went to Vegas and brought us back this souvenir…

The Cup of Destiny will amaze and delight you…except when it doesn’t. Which is often.

One night before I went out on a date, I was hungry for a bowl of Grape Nuts but all the dishes were dirty. So I poured myself a heaping Cup-O-Destiny and inadvertently discovered a distinct, nuggety pattern along the rim while finishing the milk. The cup predicted that I would break up with my paramour, and that night we did. The next morning, I cast the Grape Nuts again and, as predicted, loverboy and I had makeup sex. Also as predicted — the sex was rotten and the relationship was kaput.

So I shoved the Cup-of-Shame as far back in the cabinet as it would go and never gave it another thought… until April asked about a reading. That’s when I looked down at my own cup and noticed the foam …

e-r-Y-N. Apparently spelling isn’t PJ’s strong suit.

At this point I was starting to feel the effects of the alcohol, but was pretty dang sure that there were a bunch of letters in my drink.  So I summoned Dr. April for a second opinion. That’s when she confirmed:

“Those aren’t just letters. Uh…that’s your NAME!”

Well, I’ll be damned, little dog. Sure, you misspelled it in child-like script, but still…

What impressed me most wasn’t the fact that there was a message in my drink, but that the little dog even knew my name in the first place. For as long as I’ve known her, I’ve always thought that she only knew me as Mommy.


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