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Monthly Archives: September, 2012

Okay, Little Ghost Dog. I See How This is Gonna Go Down…

I miss you forever. You prove you’re still here by showing me my name misspelled, in perpetuity. Not a bad little plan, you little rascal! I’ve driven past this funky … Continue reading

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Today I finally brought myself to pick up PJ’s ashes from the vet’s office. The certificate of cremation is dated September 11th, 2012 — the same day that she appeared … Continue reading

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Stage Three

Some dickweed just broke my bike lock in a botched thievery attempt. That’s the second time in TEN days!!! Here’s how I handled the situation… Guess it’s safe to say … Continue reading

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More Proof of PJ?

Today PJ’s Favorite Uncle James saw her last video and mentioned that the floor shadow on Camera 2 looked just like this photo that he took of her. I can … Continue reading

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You Picked a Fine Time to Leave Me… Lose Wheels.

My dog died. My bike got stolen. My life has degenerated into a country western song. I’d cry in my beer, but PJ already wrote my name in it. (Okay, … Continue reading

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It’s Not for Sale, Francis!

Yesterday someone had the nerve (and the giant clippers) to steal my happy, cobalt blue 1968 Armstrong beach cruiser from right out in front of my house. At One O’Clock … Continue reading

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Youtube Therapy

I am one lucky girl. Not only did I get┬áto see PJ one last time, I have an entire archive of her videos. Here are some of my favorites…   … Continue reading

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Oh Yeah, Life Goes On…

On the morning of September 8th, I drove my little dog PJ to the vet and told her my favorite story of us one last time┬átime before she was put … Continue reading

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Midnight in the Garden of Good-N-Crazy

Last night I couldn’t bear the thought of going home to an empty house, so I biked through downtown Savannah, wailing like a birthing banshee instead. Thank goodness for the … Continue reading

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Who’s Your Mommy?

After posting yesterday’s blog, it suddenly hit me: I’m nobody’s mommy. That made me cry hard. A still, small voice said, “You still have the cat.” That made me cry … Continue reading

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